Why You Should Buy Your Hair Products From The Salon

While the price difference between a drugstore and salon professional product can be very drastic, the difference in quality is certainly there. In addition to quality ingredients, professional brands are highly aware and sensitive to packaging, spending an immense amount time sourcing biodegradable and recyclable packaging, to ensure that the products will be as good for our hair, as they are for the planet when they hit empty.
Salon hair care products are known to be especially caring for color-treated hair, not to mention ideal for literally everyone. “The most important things to be concerned with when purchasing hair care products are quality antioxidants and gentle surfactants that help to cleanse our hair gently and prevent free radicals from attacking our color,” Parker says. And, guess what? Salon products have both of these, making them a no brainer for anyone who hopes to achieve great hair. You may know yourself better than anyone, but your hairdresser knows all your secrets when it comes to your hair. And what products your hair needs to look and feel its best.

Take advantage of your hairdresser’s expertise during your salon consultation. Answer questions about your hair type and needs. Express what styles you want to recreate at home and any restrictions you have on your daily routine. Within just a few minutes you’ll have a personalized regimen that is guaranteed to give you your best hair day yet.

So, who’s ready to head to the salon?